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sE Electronics V Pack Club

sE Electronics V Pack Club
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  • sE Electronics V Pack Club
  • sE Electronics V Pack Club
  • sE Electronics V Pack Club
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118.390,00 DIN
139.283,00 DIN
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 Experience unparalleled drum recording precision with the sE Electronics V Pack Club Drum Microphones. This professional-grade microphone set is engineered to capture the dynamic range and nuance of your drum kit, ensuring studio-quality sound for your live performances or recording sessions.

The V Pack Club includes a carefully curated selection of microphones, each optimized for specific drum elements. From the impactful thump of the kick drum to the crisp attack of the snare and the shimmering detail of cymbals, these microphones deliver clarity and definition across the entire drum kit.
Built with durability in mind, the robust construction of these microphones ensures they can handle the rigors of live performances and frequent setups. The versatile mounting options make it easy to position the microphones precisely where you need them to capture the optimal sound.
Whether you're a seasoned drummer or a recording engineer, the sE Electronics V Pack Club Drum Microphones are your ticket to achieving a professional and polished drum sound that stands out in any musical context. Elevate your drumming experience with the precision and quality that sE Electronics is renowned for.


Set consisting of:
1x V Kick for kick drum or floor tom
3x V Beat with V Clamp including reducing thread and microphone clamps for toms and snare
1x V7 X dynamic instrument microphone with supercardioid polar pattern
1x sE7 stereo pair small diaphragm condenser microphones
1x V Case
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