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Shure BLX14E/MX53

Shure BLX14E/MX53
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65.556,00 DIN
73.659,00 DIN

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Shure SM Wireless Microphones deliver an unparalleled mix of audio quality and rugged dependability that has made them the industry standard in professional sound. They are built to withstand the rigors of regular stage and studio use. All microphone applications are covered with Analogue and Digital Wireless Receivers. The Analogue Wireless Receiver provides improved linearity and frequency response for up to 12 compatible channels per group with group and channel scan for easy set-up.  


BLX4 Receiver Features:

Up to 12 compatible systems

Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity

One touch QuickScan locates the best open frequency

1/4Ë and XLR audio outputs

Two color audio status indicator LED


BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter Features:

Power and battery status LED

Adjustable gain control

Quick and easy frequency matching

AA batteries (included) provide up to 14 hours of continuous use

300 ft. (100 m) operating range (line of sight)


MX153 TQG Earset Features:

Transducer Type : Condenser

Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Sensitivity (1 kHz): -41 dBV/Pa / 9 mV/Pa

Equivalent Selfnoise: 34 dB

Sound Pressure: 107 dB SPL

Weight: 19,76 g


Set consisting of:

1 x BLX4 Receiver

1 x BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter

1 x MX153 TQG Earset

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