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Pirastro EVAH PIRAZZI E žica za violinu (Platinum - Removable Ball End)

Pirastro EVAH PIRAZZI E žica za violinu (Platinum - Removable Ball End)
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Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre. 

very intensive and powerful, excellent for Soloists

outstanding playability and exceptional response at any of the dynamic levels

complex sound, rich with overtones based on a brilliant core sound

enormous projection

Evah Pirazzi strings translate every minute impulse from bow and fingers into beautiful sounds.

expressive, great nuances

enormous dynamic range

outstanding tuning stability

absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity

also suitable for electric violins or violins equipped with piezo-pickups


Single string E - size 4/4
Removable Ball Platinum 26 Envelope
Art No. 313411
E-platinum: While developing our platinum-coated violin E-string we have consistently received positive assessments that our new Platinum E-string allows for new dimensions in violin playing. This new Platinum-E provides the violinist with an immense abundance of sound colors, an overtone-rich radiance to its large warm core tone, and a wide sound projection.
It has also been assessed that the sound character of our Platinum E-string exerts a "suggestive force" and "Just listen! This E is undoubtedly the new benchmark!"
With our new Platinum E-string, the transitions from the A to the E are designed to be effortless without any breaks. This coupled with the perfect response of our Platinum-E helps create an experience of new freedom in the sound design.
The surface of the platinum coating provides the pleasant feeling of stability under the fingers of the left hand, which greatly benefits changes in position and vibrato.

It blends harmoniously with all PIRASTRO violin strings, from Obligato to Perpetual and Passione to Evah Pirazzi Gold. This Platinum-E is therefore versatile and is a quality addition to our collection of PIRASTRO Violin E-strings.
We will also deliver our new PIRASTRO Platinum E-string with a newly designed loop end, which allows easy removal of the ball by hand – without tools; allowing the player to use both types of fine-tuners.


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