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Numark Laptop Stand Pro

Numark Laptop Stand Pro
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Portable and solid computer support.

Numark's Laptop Stand Pro is your computer-elevation station. If you're a DJ, producer, remix artist, or any other type of musician that uses a computer live, this is the stand for you.

Laptop Stand Pro is designed for live performance, balancing solid, secure construction with a portable, collapsible, low-weight design. Rubber pads on the top and bottom of Laptop Stand Pro ensure that a your computer is secure and will stay in position, even during high-intensity performances.

LAPTOP STAND PRO is designed for quick assembly and disassembly, and comes with a zippered, protective case for easy transport. For studio use, Laptop Stand Pro is ready to be wall-mounted with predrilled mounting-points.



  •     Solid, easy-to-assemble laptop stand for DJs
  •     Secure construction, yet portable, and collapsible with low-weight design
  •     Top, underside, and inner rubber grips for secure computer placement
  •     Wall mountable for use in studios and DJ booths
  •     Comes with a zippered, protective case for convenience in transport


  •     Carrying Case




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