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Zoom R8

Zoom R8
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There are times when you don't want to get bogged down with computers, software and other creative roadblocks, when all you really want to do is record and mix a quick demo for promotional or personal reference. That's where scaled-down, ultra-portable music production systems like the Zoom R8 make the most impact in your studio or on the road. Not only does the R8 offer 2-track recording with 8-track simultaneous playback, but you also get an 8-voice/8-pad sampler, 500MB of drum loops, built-in rhythm machine, built-in stereo microphones, DSP effects, and a built-in audio interface with control surface capabilities for the times that you do want to sync the R8 with your computer and host DAW.


    Simultaneous 2-track recording and 8-track playback
    2x2 USB audio interface
    Control surface compatible with most DAW software
    8-voice sampler with 8 pads
    500MB of drum loops from Big Fish Audio
    Built-in rhythm machine lets you create you own beats
    Built-in, high-sensitivity stereo microphones
    Over 140 DSP effects including guitar and amp models
    Supports SDHC cards up to 32GB
    Locate function with 100 markers to make editing easier
    Rapid file transfer with high-speed USB
    Versatile inputs for guitars, mics, and line sources
    Tuner and metronome functions
    Powered by AC adapter, batteries (not included), or USB
    Easy hands-free operation with optional ZOOM FS01 footswitch (sold separately)
    Includes Cubase LE DAW software

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