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Zoom H2N

Zoom H2N

Representing a new generation of portable recording, the H2n is Zoom’s most innovative handheld recorder to date. We’ve packed groundbreaking features into an ultra-portable device that allows you to record pristine audio anywhere you go. From film and broadcast, to journalism, podcasting, musical performance, songwriting ... Detaljnije...
Cena: 23.707,00 DIN 19.463,00 DIN  
Zoom R8

Zoom R8

There are times when you don't want to get bogged down with computers, software and other creative roadblocks, when all you really want to do is record and mix a quick demo for promotional or personal reference. That's where scaled-down, ultra-portable music production systems like the Zoom R8 make the most impact in your studio or on the... Detaljnije...
Cena: 40.749,00 DIN 29.788,00 DIN  
Zoom R16

Zoom R16

The Zoom R16 instantly transforms any environment into a recording studio. Not only does it offer 16 tracks for recording, it can also be used as a DAW control surface and audio interface, allowing you to craft great-sounding music both at home and wherever your travels take you. The R16 has it all: built-in stereo condenser microphones, 8... Detaljnije...
Zoom Q4N

Zoom Q4N

With its 10 advanced lighting presets, the Q4n captures our highest-quality video ever — from bright daylight to a low-lit club to striking sunset. And with Zoom's superb audio quality, the Q4n provides a combination no other camera can match. Detaljnije...
Cena: 44.163,00 DIN 41.071,00 DIN  
Yamaha Pocketrak PR7

Yamaha Pocketrak PR7

The POCKETRAK PR7 is Yamaha's newest, ultra-portable linear PCM recorder that provides effortless high-quality recordings whenever and wherever you need. Equipped with a newly developed crossed XY stereo microphone, the PR7 captures high-resolution stereo recordings, achieving consistent quality and natural sound. An invaluable tool for any... Detaljnije...
Cena: 18.873,00 DIN 16.042,00 DIN  
Roland R-05 Wave/MP3 Recorder

Roland R-05 Wave/MP3 Recorder

Džepni Recorder sa naprednim opcijama koji nije skup Maleni R-05 se jednostavno koristi, nije skup, a poseduje ogromne mogućnosti koje su ispred svih proizvoda u njegovoj klasi. Kristalno čist zvuk na 24/96 bita, dodatne mogućnosti editovanja i snimanja, kao i produženo trajanje baterija (preko 16 sati po punjenju). Na sceni, probama,... Detaljnije...
Cena: 30.000,00 DIN  
Prikazano 1 - 6 od 6 artikala
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Cena: 19.463,00 DIN  
Roland R-05 Wave/MP3 Recorder Roland R-05 Wave/MP3 Recorder
Cena: 30.000,00 DIN  
Yamaha Pocketrak PR7 Yamaha Pocketrak PR7
Cena: 16.042,00 DIN  
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Cena: 41.071,00 DIN  
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Cena: 29.788,00 DIN  


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