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Munro Sonic EGG100 White

Munro Sonic EGG100 White
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225.378,00 DIN

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The EGG100 is our brand new EGG Monitoring System, a natural development of the revolutionary, curved, infinite baffle design concept of its big brother, the Egg150, housed in a smaller chassis with a four-inch (100mm) driver.

This new system has been designed for greatest accuracy in near-field conditions, taking into account the fact that it will be used on consoles or flat surfaces. The frequency response is continuously adjustable to allow for the bass loading that can add up to 6dB to the sound level. The bass port is angled and placed as low as possible to take advantage of this effect without phase error.Near-field monitors should, by definition, remain unaffected by room size and acoustic conditions but this is rarely the case. Typically, small, rectangular cabinets and a horizontal focus plane create diffraction and reflections that interfere with both frequency and phase, both of which adversely affect stereo imaging and mix accuracy. The EGG100 has a variable tilt base that allows perfect adjustment of the upward angle of the listening axis, so avoiding interfering reflections from the mixing console or desk surface.

This has enabled us to make a supremely efficient speaker system - the phase coherent bass energy results in up to 6dB low frequency headroom - which means they pack a lot of punch for such small speakers. You’ll be amazed!

The system comes complete with a separate control unit and amplifier which features passive analogue crossovers, LF and HF trim pot EQ for location set-up, and a superb Class-A headphone amplifier, which alone is worth the cost of the control unit.

The EGG100, as with all MunroSonic products, is designed and manufactured in the UK by Munro Acoustics and Sonic Distribution and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. The result is an exceptionally well-built, elegant and sonically purist piece of wholly British engineering.


The EGG100 follows the unique design of the EGG150 analogue monitor, with the system consisting of a pair of EGG speakers and a separate amplifier and control unit designed for true nearfield use on a desktop or console surface.

The amplifier is a dual-channel 120-watt circuit and operates as a single stereo amp. Each channel has a THD+N value of 0.03% at a rating of 30W/channel, which the power supply is nominally rated at. The signal-to-noise ratio is rated at 97dB at 1W, meaning the dynamic range is 112dB at 30W.

The amplifier is equipped with a headphone amp, which is our own design using a classic Class A configuration. The power output is limited using a feed-back loop to 1W to avoid ear damage, while distortion is extremely low, so low in fact, that we can’t even measure it!

Power Rating

The Egg power supply is a linear unit capable of supplying clean DC voltage and current to the power rails. We have used a conservative rating to maintain good headroom and clean sound under all normal mixing conditions. In particular this means that the bass is solid and undistorted compared to most of the small monitors we have tested. Many systems may be superficially louder but there is a trade off with bass linearity which is often ‘cured’ by signal management - what you hear is not what goes to the mix bus!

Input Gain

We have set the input sensitivity so that a typical CD player with a -10dB nominal output will give full output with the volume control near maximum, with 20dB of headroom. This allows full pro level signals to be sent to the input without having to run the volume near zero where the channel balance is less consistent. If we increase the sensitivity then some consoles will overdrive the input with loss of headroom and potential distortion.

HF & LF Adjustment

Just like the EGG150, the EGG100’s custom amp features High-Frequency and Low-Frequency trim pots. The HF controls are designed to give absolute precision alignment of each channel and adjustment for personal taste, while LF allows adjustment for speaker location and room acoustic effects.

Frequency Response

Frequency Response is the most common way to illustrate the performance of a loudspeaker. This plot shows the on axis 1/3 Octave response of the Egg100 at a distance of 500mm with no modification or manipulation.


EGG Speakers

EGG-shaped passive monitor speakers made with a unique monocoque shell construction (rigid and resonant neutral)

Near zero diffraction interference (smooth frequency response)

No internal standing waves (greatly reduced smearing)

Perfect bass port integration (superb transient response)

Bass reflex speakers with 70Hz QB4 front port alignment

Speaker effective internal volume: 14 Litres

25mm HF unit -  sensitivity 95dB SPL for 1W at 1m

100mm LF unit - sensitivity 86dB SPL for 1W at 1m

Thermal tweeter protection with automatic cut out and reset

Custom designed Nests for the speakers to sit in with adjustable vertical alignment (allows for perfect sweet spot in both vertical and horizontal planes)

Speaker dimensions are 35cm height x 24cm width x 23cm depth. Each speaker weighs 3.07kg

Custom-Designed Amplifier Control Unit

Stereo active control unit – A half-U width by 2U height

Two 30W RMS power amplifiers

THD+N 0.03% per channel

S/N ratio is 97dB at 1W

Dynamic range is 112dB at 30W

Two way passive crossover at 3.0kHz

Our own unique-design Class A headphone amp with 1W output and ultra-low distortion

Controls for Power, Volume, LF and HF precision trim pots (for each channel)

Power LED and headroom indicator LED

2 x balanced XLR input 2 x Speakon output (2 x 2m Speakon to Speakon cable included)

Amp dimensions are 39cm width x 31cm depth x 18cm height. The amp weighs 5.6kg

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