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SM PRO Audio Juice Rack 3 3 x 500 Series Power Rack

SM PRO Audio Juice Rack 3 3 x 500 Series Power Rack
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  • SM PRO Audio Juice Rack 3 3 x 500 Series Power Rack
  • SM PRO Audio Juice Rack 3 3 x 500 Series Power Rack
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37.004,00 DIN
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JuiceRack 3 is a 1u 19” 500-series power rack designed to house up to three single-slot 500-series modules in a horizontal configuration. A 48V phantom power switch is located on the back of the rack, which also features three slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs and three slots of unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs.

Durable, all-metal construction and full compatibility with the 500-series format are at the heart of the unit, but the JuiceRack3’s standout feature is its built-in, flexible signal routing—a revolutionary internal patching system that sets it apart from all other 500-series power racks currently available. The on-board audio routing lets you do the following:

FEED – Send the audio output of one module into another

LINK1 – Split a single balanced input and send it to multiple modules simultaneously

LINK2 – Split a single unbalanced input and send it to multiple modules simultaneously

Built-in status LEDs highlight which modules are using the FEED / LINK features.

Our JuiceRack 3 power supply produces more current than any other 500 series power unit on the market today. So you can be confident that any brand of 500 series module will be powered correctly in your SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 3.

The power output (in milliamps) for the JuiceRack 3 is as follows: JuiceRack 3 = 320mA per module slot

The original API™ spec calls for an average of 130mA for each slot, but there are 500 series modules from many manufacturers that require more power than that average. SM Pro Audio ensures that you can easily power any 500 series module available today with our JuiceRack 3 power supply.

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