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Cort AC100DX Open Pore klasična gitara

Cort AC100DX Open Pore
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19.290,00 DIN
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 The AC Series consists of thoroughly traditional classical guitars built in the timeless Spanish style. To maximize the vibrations of the strings and the body’s resonance, lightweight woods are used through an advanced manufacturing process for that timeless Spanish sound, feel and playability. These guitars produce a deep bass and a sweet high-end with a rich midrange that only sound better as the guitars age. For long-term stability, the AC Series guitars also feature a truss rod so the proper amount of neck relief can be dialed in no matter where you are located and what the climate is like. The yellow tint finish also exudes the classic vintage look and feel that never grows old.

Spruce Top


Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. Spruce’s versatile sonic character makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres and playing styles.

Mahogany Back & Sides

Bright yet natural with a strong and warm midrange, the beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades.

Adjustable Truss Rod

The truss rod is not common in classical guitars but the AC100DX has an adjustable 2-way truss rod to make it convenient and economical to adjust the neck relief for fast action and optimum playability over the entire range of the fingerboard.

Advanced Fan Bracing

Traditional classical guitar fan bracing is used internally to maximize the vibrational characteristics of nylon strings.

Classical Head Volute

The volute makes the player’s left thumb feel comfortable during playing to enhance playability.

Savarez® Strings

This set of Savarez Cristal Corum 500CJ high-tension nylon guitar strings includes Corum polished-silver-wound basses with Cristal trebles. If you prefer a higher tension playing feel, then this 500CJ set is perfect for you.



CONSTRUCTION Dovetail Neck Joint
BODY Classic
NUT WIDTH 2 1/16"(52㎜)
TOP Spruce
BACK & SIDES Mahogany
NECK Mahogany
SCALE 25.6"(650㎜)
STRINGS Savarez® Cristal Corum
BRACING Traditional Fan Bracing
SPECIAL Adjustable Truss Rod
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