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Gravity Stands MS 5311 B

Gravity Stands MS 5311 B
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  • Gravity Stands MS 5311 B
  • Gravity Stands MS 5311 B
  • Gravity Stands MS 5311 B
  • Gravity Stands MS 5311 B
  • Gravity Stands MS 5311 B
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4.290,00 DIN
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 The Traveler Series' Microphone Stand


Every bit of weight counts when you're travelling by plane or truck from one gig to the next. After all, you can't always rely on the concert venue having the right tool available for you when needed.

The Gravity® MS 5311 B microphone stand can be taken everywhere you go. It's so light, there's absolutely no need for you to worry about weight or availability.

Despite its light weight, the stand is still sturdy and strong. Its robust leg construction withstands heavy loads and gives the stand a solid foundation. The position and tilt of the boom can be adjusted quickly and easily at the joint with only one clamping screw. The handle, used for smoothly and securely adjusting the stand's height, and the clamping screw are made of exceptionally durable ABS plastic and covered with a non-slip soft-touch thermoplastic coating for comfortable operation.

Gravity® has once again delivered a useful and reliable product for you to round off your collection of stands.


 Product type

Stands and Tripods
Microphone Stands
Tube material
Tubing surface
Min. height
950 mm
Max. height
1630 mm
Transport length
950 mm
Height adjustment
Base type
Boom model
1-point adjustment
Boom length
790 mm
Interchangeable rings
1 x 15 mm, 1 x 25 mm, 4 x 20 mm
1,738 kg
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