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Novation Circuit

Novation Circuit
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50.662,00 DIN
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Opis proizvoda:

The inspirational grid-based groove box.

Circuit is designed to inspire. Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer in a standalone box that will have you making electronic music in minutes. Hit some pads, tweak the knobs and your track will start to emerge, all locked in time and key. Play around with effects, patterns and sounds in real time, to produce your track, brimming with fat grooves and beats.


Product Hardware Specifications


32 RGB backlit velocity sensitive button grid

28 RGB backlit function buttons

8 Continuous pots with RGB indicator LEDs

Dedicated filter and volume pots

1/4" jack sockets for left and right outputs

Two MIDI sockets (3.5mm jack sockets with MIDI din break-out cables)

USB socket

Front-mounted 3.5mm jack socket for headphones

Integrated speaker

Rubberised knob caps

Rotary controls secured to the chassis with metal nuts

Power supply connector

Power switch

Battery compartment for 6x AA batteries (included)

Kensington Security Slot


Sound Engine


2 Nova synths

4 Part drum machine

6 Note polyphonic per synth

64 Synth patches

64 Drum patches

8 Synth macro controls (Control up to 4 parameters with one knob)

4 Drum parameter controls (Pitch, Decay, Distortion, Filter)

Mixer view with levels and mutes

Master FX with individual track sends

16 Delays

8 Reverbs

Sidechain effect (7 types and off). Triggered from Drum 1

Hi-pass / low-pass master filter




32 Sessions

6 Tracks per session (2 Synth and 4 Drum)

8 Patterns per track (Synth 1, Synth 2, Drum 1&2, Drum 3&4)

16 Demo sessions

Real time record (notes, with velocity and automation)

Auto-quantise notes to steps and automation to 6 events per step

50 Automation parameters (up to 4800 events per pattern)

Internal tempo range 40 - 240

External synced tempo range 30 - 300

Swing 20 - 80%


Real Time Performance


Full range velocity scanning and record. Editable to 16 levels

16 Scale types and chromatic transposition

Synth expand view doubles playable area

Drum expand view allows real time drum record

Octave (input) and pattern octave (edit)

Pattern length and nudge

Configurable pattern chain

Session instant switching and queued switch




Velocity and gate per step

Multiple gate lengths per step (via real time record)

Automation edit per step

Clear step, automation parameter per pattern, pattern, session

Duplicate step, pattern


Software Compatibility


Ableton Live Lite 9 is included

Circuit will also work as a standard USB-MIDI controller.


Power Requirements


Circuit can be powered using 6x AA batteries or a power supply (both included). It can not be powered via USB

Maximum power consumption 12V DC 600mA


Product Dimensions


240mm width x 200mm depth x 35mm height

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Novi Sad

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Obrenovićeva BB, TC Kalča
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