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Fender Rumble 112 Cabinet V3

Fender Rumble 112 Cabinet V3
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42.315,00 DIN
47.016,00 DIN

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For bassists everywhere at all levels who prize a great-sounding 4x10” enclosure with textbook Fender punch, power and clarity, the Rumble 112 Cabinet delivers all that plus great affordability. Re-voiced from previous versions to produce superior tonal detail and low-frequency translation, it also features Eminence® speakers, a premium high-end compression horn and Fender’s magnetic Rumble head-attachment system, which magnetically holds the Rumble 200 and 500 heads securely in place atop it for a perfect pairing.



Speaker Jack: One 1/4", One Speakon

Power Handling: 500 Watts (Program), 250 Watts (Continous)

Horn Tweeter: One - Compression Tweeter with Full/Off/-6dB Switch


Cabinet Material: Lightweight Plywood

Handle: Two Recessed, Steel Bar Handles

Grill Cover: Black Textured Vinyl Covering with Silver Grille Cloth


Speaker: One - 12" Eminence® Special Design

Impedance: 8 ohms

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