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Behringer NU6000DSP

Behringer NU6000DSP
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  • Behringer NU6000DSP
  • Behringer NU6000DSP
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78.884,00 DIN

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DSP functionality

The Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP power amp offers DSP to make your setup and gigs easier and better sounding than ever. You can setup and control a delay-line for loudspeakers, crossovers, EQs and dynamics processing all from the front panel, or USB interface built into the NU6000DSP. The front of the unit is lockable to safe guard your settings. You can count on the 24-bit/96kHz converters for huge dynamic range and awesome signal integrity.

USB interface

The innovative USB interface allows you complete control over the Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP power amp. All of the DSP functions can be easily set and tweaked from your laptop. Behringer has free software that gives intuitive and easy to understand interfaces for all the DSP functions. Make your settings more precise than ever.

Performance technology

Over the years power amp technology has constantly been evolving, and the Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP power amp incorporates some of the the newest developments available. Thanks to the revolutionary Class-D technology with "near-zero" thermal buildup, the lightweight NU6000DSP runs very cool, no more massive heat sinks or toroid transformers. The built-in limiter offers overload protection to extend the life of your precious speakers and subs. Active crossover circuits allows you to set the amp up for full-range, or bi-amped operation sending out the lows and highs separately.


Number of Channels               2

Power Class            Class D

Watts/Side @ 8 ohms            1500W/side @ 8 ohms

Watts/Side @ 4 ohms            3000W/side @ 4 ohms

Watts/Side @ 2 ohms            Not Applicable

Watts Bridged        Not Applicable

Cooling System       Fan

DSP          Yes

Filters      Yes

Inputs      2 x XLR / 1/4" combo jacks

Outputs   2 x speakON

Rack Spaces            2U

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