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The 2-way 15" is the most recognizable form of portable PA loudspeakers and offers the perfect balance between size and performance. The PRX715 truly is an exception; it’s small, light weight, versatile and powerful.



136 dB peak SPL

15" Differential Drive® low-frequency driver for low-distortion and higher SPL

1.5" diameter next generation JBL neodymium compression driver

JBL designed waveguide for accurate coverage

Efficient Class-D amplifier technology

Optimized EQ for monitor or front-of-house applications

DSP input section, crossover, dynamic limiting, component optimization, selectable system EQ

Line level and direct microphone input capability

Professional XLR-1/4" combination inputs, RCA inputs, and XLR loop-through

Multi-angle enclosure for main PA or floor monitor applications

Integrated 36 mm pole mount socket with angle down tilt

Injection molded handle with backing cup for easy transport

Integrated M10 suspension points for easy setup

Lightweight poplar plywood cabinets made structurally sound with tongue and groove joints and protected by JBL’s tour proven DuraFlex™finish.

Cloth backed, dent-resistant 16 gauge steel grilles



The 2-way 15" offers the perfect balance between size and performance. The PRX715 truly is an exception; it’s small, light weight, versatile and powerful. The performance and asymmetrical design make this a perfect choice for musicians, entertainers and DJ’s when portability is key, or when hung by the suspension points, an exceptional light-duty installation speaker. All PRX700 Series speakers were designed to excel in sound reinforcement where challenging audio environments and loud volumes are the norm. For applications requiring full bandwidth sound reproduction, the PRX715 delivers the optimum balance. For live music, recorded music playback and speech the user has the option of tailoring the EQ. A microphone can be directly connected to the speaker input for quick PA applications. Coupled with a PRX700 sub-woofer the system becomes an efficient, full-range sound system.

The PRX715 is comprised of 15" 275G Differential Drive® woofer, a 2408H-2 37.5 mm (1.5 in) annular polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to a 90° by 50° horn, all driven by 1500 watt Class-D power amplifier. Sophisticated DSP is at the core of a fully featured input section, providing user selectable system EQ, protection, input sensitivity selection, cross-over functionality, dynamic limiting and discrete component optimization.

All PRX700 cabinets are built from a combination of 25mm (on the top and bottom for added rigidity) and 18mm, strong, light-weight poplar plywood made structurally sound with tongue and groove joints. All PRX700 Series cabinets are protected by JBL’s tour proven DuraFlex™ finish. Grilles are made from dent-resistant 16 gauge steel and handles are made from light-weight glass-filled nylon for added strength and durability. All M10 suspension points are constructed from 14 gauge steel and have been tested with a yield-strength of

The amplifier input panel offers XLR or ¼ inch jack compatibility and a sensitivity switch provides extra flexibility, making it possible to connect literally any sound source without using a mixer. Signal present and overload lights indicate the system status and assist in setting the optimum level via the level control knob.



Power Rating          1500 W

Frequency Range (-10 dB)      Main: 42.9 Hz - 19.5 kHz

Monitor: 43.6 Hz - 19.3 kHz

Frequency Response (±3 dB)  Main: 58.1 Hz - 17.2 kHz

Monitor: 60.7 Hz - 16.7 kHz

Coverage Pattern    90° x 50° nominal

Directivity Index (DI)               10.2 dB

Directivity Factor (Q)              10.4

Crossover Frequency               1.7 kHz

Maximum SPL         Normal: 136 dB

Boost: 136 dB

Signal indicators     Limit: Yellow LED indicates peak output has been reached and dsp

limiter is acting

Signal: Green LED indicates signal present

Power/Standby: Blue indicates system has power and ready to pass audio,

Red indicates system has power but is in a power saving mode and will not

pass audio.

Dynamic Control (Input)         dbx Type IV™ limiter circuit

Input Impedance     20K Ohms (balanced), 10K Ohms (unbalanced)

LF Driver  1 x JBL 275G (15 in) woofer

HF Driver 1 x JBL 2408H-2 37.5 mm (1.5 in) annular polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression driver

Enclosure                Asymmetrical, 18 mm, plywood

Suspension / Mounting          Dual 36 mm pole socket, 12 x M10 Suspension Points

Transport                1 x injection molded handles with backing cup

Finish      Obsidian DuraFlex™ finish

Grille       Powder coated, Obsidian, 16 gauge perforated steel with acoustical transparent black cloth backing.

Input Connectors     2 x Balanced XLR / 1/4 inch input, 2 x unbalanced RCA input

Output Connectors  1 male XLR balanced output

Dimensions (H x W x D)         714.43 mm x 445.13 mm x 358.71 mm

(28.13 in x 17.52 in x 14.12 in)

Net Weight             21.6 kg (47.5 lb.)

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