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Casio GP-300

Casio GP-300

Like the GP-500, the GP-300 also reproduces the finest nuances of the world's most famous grand pianos. The high-quality amplifier system with six speakers also creates a complex sound like that known only from acoustic grand pianos. Features such as 26 sounds, Concert Play function and Hall Simulator leave almost nothing to be desired for... Detaljnije...
Cena: 345.963,00 DIN 245.703,00 DIN  
Casio AP-460 WE

Casio AP-460 WE

The pure feel of the piano. You will forget that you are playing a digital instrument, with its AiR sound production, authentic timbre and richly detailed string resonance reproduction. The lesson function „Concert Play“ allows to play the piano part with orchester accompaniment. This pleasure with the piano for purists culminates... Detaljnije...
Cena: 127.315,00 DIN 90.419,00 DIN  
Yamaha P-115 White

Yamaha P-115 White

A compact digital piano with a modern stylish design. The P-115 not only features a great piano sound and feel - there's also a whole range of additional features, even an App for controlling the instrument with an Ipad Outstanding keyboard feel ensures an authentic piano-playing experience. The P-115 features a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS)... Detaljnije...
Casio PX-860 White

Casio PX-860 White

The perfect sound in a compact piano. With the PRIVIA top model you will see the achievements of AiR technology, showing how these compact design instruments can also develop their full sound potential. All the new elements in the new sound tones of the PX-860 are completely convincing when the lid of the PRIVIA is opened up. You will to appreciate... Detaljnije...
Cena: 121.775,00 DIN 91.331,00 DIN  
Casio PX-5SWE

Casio PX-5SWE

Equipped with CASIO's new proprietary AiR Sound Source technology, the PX-5S delivers acoustic piano sounds with unmatched realism and detail. The power of AiR technology is applied to an all new set of authentic vintage electric piano sounds and clavinets that is paired by a powerful new effects engine, giving the PX-5S an arsenal of both... Detaljnije...
Cena: 121.779,00 DIN 86.487,00 DIN  
Prikazano 1 - 5 od 5 artikala


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