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Vonyx SPJ 800A

Vonyx SPJ 800A
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  • Vonyx SPJ 800A
  • Vonyx SPJ 800A
  • Vonyx SPJ 800A
  • Vonyx SPJ 800A
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15.243,00 DIN

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Opis proizvoda:

 A 8" PA box in a strong ABS cabinet featuring a high quality 200W mixer/amplifier, a powerful mid-low woofer and a high power piëzo horn driver for excellent sound reproduction. The line output allows daisy chaining of additional speakers. The durable impact resistant moulded light weight enclosure is complemented with a tough metal grille that protects the woofer. This active unit can be used standalone and is ideal for use in bars, restaurants, small theatres and halls, fitness and conference rooms and on stages.

  • Built-in 200W amplifier with crossover
  • 8" Extremely powerful mid-low woofer
  • Line and mic input with bass & treble controls
  • Wide dispersion horn
  • Stand mounting with 35mm pole socket
  • Supplied per piece



Power max. 200W
Output power 100W
Frequency response 65Hz - 18kHz
SPL max 115dB
Woofer 8" 
Dimensions 215 x 250 x 390mm
Weight 5.4kg
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