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RASPRODAJA - pedale, procesori, efekti VOX JS-DL Time machine

RASPRODAJA - pedale, procesori, efekti VOX JS-DL Time machine
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The Vox Time Machine dual-mode delay pedal was created in a collaboration between world-renowned guitarist Joe Satriani and VOX. With two delay modes and a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch, it delivers a wide range of delay sounds and yet remains remarkably easy to use.

Two delay modes to handle any situation
The Time Machine has both Modern and Vintage delay modes. The Modern mode mirrors your original sound with full clarity and fidelity, and will fit any style of music. As its name suggests, the Vintage mode delivers the sound of a classic tape delay pedal. A proprietary saturation circuit creates a warm, analog sound with a nice sense of distortion. Gentle modulation is also applied in the vintage mode, reproducing the slight warbling produced by a tape-based delay. The amazing effectiveness is the result of an uncompromising process of testing and refining carried out by Joe and VOX.


Dual-mode delay: "modern" and "vintage."
Two EQ modes: "Hi-Fi" or "Lo-Fi"
Broad delay time range, with tap tempo control
Independent wet and dry stereo outputs

Controls: Level, Delay Range, Time, Feedback, ON SW, Tap & Modern/Vintage SW, Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi SW
In/Outputs: 1 x INPUT, 1 x OUTPUT, 1 x DRY OUT, 1 x DC9V
Max Delay Time: 5800 milliseconds via Tap-Tempo, 1000 milliseconds via Delay control
Input Impedance: 1megohm
Output Impedance: 1kOhm
Power Supply: 9V alkaline battery or AC adapter (sold separately)
Current Consumption: 60mA
Dimensions: 5.63" W x 2.28" H x 4.76" D
Weight: 600g /1.32 lb. (without batteries)
Included Items: 9V alkaline battery
Options: 9V AC adapter (not included)

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