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Yamaha NTX700 Sunburst

Yamaha NTX700 Sunburst
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The versatile, contemporary styled NTX line is designed with thinner bodies, narrow necks, 14th fret neck joints, and cutaway designs to provide greater comfort and playability for today's steel-string acoustic and electric players. These instruments are perfect for adding nylon string tone to a wide range of musical styles from Latin to Jazz, Pop to Rock. The lineup features the NTX1200R with rosewood with back and sides, the NTX900FM with flamed maple, and the NTX700, available in both natural and a unique black finish.

A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) is an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha.

Through precise controll of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, the molecular properties of the wood can be manipulated into a more acoustically ideal condition, similar to the molecular characteristics of woods in instruments that have been played for years. In NX Series guitars, this treatment results in a sound close to that of a vintage guitar that has been played for years. It produces a sharper tone while simultaneously controlling dissonance in the high range.


Instruments that have undergone this process have received high marks from a great number of musicians. Their evaluations are nearly identical to those for guitars that have been played for years, and their comments often include terms such as "well settled", "mature", "warm", "excellent resonance", and "clear"


Body             Classical Style and Standard Depth

Top                Solid Spruce

Back              Nato

Side              Nato

Neck             Nato

Body Depth                     80-90mm

Nut Width                        48mm

String Length                 650mm (25 9/16")

Preamp      System61 2way A.R.T.

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