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 From the upgraded Classic Wah Pedal, with its new die-cast metal construction, the WD7 with its spring and normal footboard action, to the WD7JR's smooth transition and phrasing, there's a wah pedal here for every guitarist. 



Power supply .............. 9V battery (S-006P) or AC adapter AC109, AC309, AC509
Current consumption ... 35mA maximum
Dimensions ................. 259 (D) x 154 (W) x 117 (H max) mm
Weight ......................... 1600g (with battery)


The Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal will have your audience screaming for more with its shrieks, cries, wails, and seductive siren songs. Among its features are spring and normal footboard action, selectable wah range, and fine tuning controls.  


RANGE SWITCH for switching between LOW and HIGH frequency response. RANGE FINE TUNING allows fine tuning within either the LOW and HIGH RANGE SWITCH settings.
In the AUTO SWITCH mode, you can set the effect-off either on standard instant-off when the pedal is returned to the full upright position or a delayed-off by turning the control clockwise.
Changes the mode so the effect can be turned on and off with the FOOTSWITCH or with the AUTO SWITCH (effect turns off when pedal is in the upright position).
Allows on-off switching of the effect independent of the footboard when the MODE LEVER is in the FOOTSWITCH Mode.
Adjusts the tension of the footboard return-spring in the AUTO SWITCH mode. Turn clockwise for more footboard resistance; counter clockwise for a looser fee

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