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Audio-Technica AT EP3 dinamicke in-ear slusalice

Audio-Technica AT EP3 dinamicke in-ear slusalice
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9.375,00 DIN

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Audio-Technica EP3 Dynamic In-ear Headphones give you the two things you need most from your in-ear monitoring system: Rich, detailed sound and great fit. The EP3 Dynamic In-ear Headphones include A-T's proprietary dynamic drivers, which deliver full frequency response for great sound. These 'phones include three different sizes of earpieces and universal-fit tips, giving you a custom fit, comfort, and excellent isolation from outside sound. A protective case, a carrying pouch, and a Y-cable are included with the EP3 Dynamic In-ear Headphones.


  • High-fidelity sound
  • Ultra-compact design (ideal for on-stage use with A-T's M2 and M3 wireless monitor systems)
  • Excellent sound isolation
  • Soft interchangeable earpieces (small, medium, and large sizes, plus ear-conforming tips) provide a custom fit
  • Compact hard protective case and soft carrying pouch included
  • Included Y-cable uses an adjustable sleeve for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Included gold-plated stereo mini-plug with locking collar provides exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity, and secure connection
  • 9.8" extension cable included with a 3.5 mm mini-plug suitable for use with MP3 and other portable players
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