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Boss PSA-230S ADAPTER 9V/500mA

Boss PSA-230S ADAPTER 9V/500mA
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3.750,00 DIN

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The new upgraded BOSS PSA-230 delivers 9v DC at up to 500mA (previous version was only 200mA). The BOSS PSA230 power supply  is a switch-mode DC regulated and smoothed for BOSS guitar effects pedals and other 9v equipment.

The BOSS PSA-230 ES AC/DC regulated power supply converter (PSU) converts UK mains voltage to DC 9v for most BOSS guitar and bass guitar effects pedals, stomp boxes and for some other Roland and BOSS products. The PSA240 power supply (PSU) output is regulated and smoothed. The voltage and current are constant with almost no hum.

A DC power supply with low hum is essential for guitar effects pedals, especially distortion pedals. Humbucker pick-ups reduce hum, hence the name, while single coil pick-ups are more prone to hum. To reduce hum, when using distortion pedals, switch to the humbucker pick-up if your guitar has one, or switch to two single coil pick-ups combined if your guitar has single coils. An example of a humbucker guitar is the Gibson Les Paul and a single coil guitar is the Fender Stratocaster.

Most BOSS guitar effects pedals only require a small current so several pedals can be used with only one BOSS power supply unit (PSU)


The BOSS PSA-230 regulated AC/DC power supply (PSU) specifications:

  • Input voltage: 220-240v AC 50hz (This is the standard UK voltage)
  • Output voltage: 9v DC 500mA regulated (old version 200mA)
  • Output connector polarity: centre female socket negative (-) and outside positive (+)

The BOSS PSA-230 ES power adaptor has a built in output current protection circuit. Use of the adaptor with a device or devices with a current draw greater than 500mA will trigger the protection circuit. Power is cut off or intermittently supplied while the protection circuit is activated. Most guitar effects pedal only draw approx 200mA-300mA so they will not trigger the circuit. To de-activate the current overload protection follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the connected device
  2. Check that the total current consumed by the device is no more than 500mA
  3. If the device drawa 500mA or less, then re-connect and turn the power back on


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