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RASPRODAJA - pedale, procesori, efekti LINE 6 GUITARPORT XT

RASPRODAJA - pedale, procesori, efekti LINE 6 GUITARPORT XT
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Opis proizvoda:

Just connect the shiny red Line 6 GuitarPortXT hardware to your Windows PC or Mac with the included USB cable and connect GuitarPort's stereo output to multimedia speakers, headphones, or your stereo. Then fire up the GuitarPort GearBox software, plug in your guitar and you're ready to jam!

GuitarPort Effects
GuitarPort features classic stompbox effects like delay, chorus, tremolo, flanger, reverb and more. Tweak to your heart's content, save as many variations as you want, or choose from Line 6's extensive library of ready to rock tones. From models based on classic stompboxes like the Fuzz Face, Tube Screamer, Phase 90, and Uni-Vibe,* GuitarPort is like having a whole rack system and custom pedal board living inside your computer.

GuitarPort also offers the ability to change the signal path of the effects for every tone. The reverbs, modulation effects, and delays can be routed either in front of the amp (pre) or after (post), so that chorus can be either a stompbox or a rack unit, depending on what you need. 

GuitarPort Amps & Cabs
Line 6 invented digital modeling guitar amps and is the magic behind the guitar tones used on countless platinum albums.

Now, Line 6 brings that acclaimed tone technology from the greatest recording studios in the world to your desktop. GuitarPort's meticulously crafted recreations of a dream collection of 16 classic and modern guitar amplifiers coupled with two dozen cabinet options easily capture the range of tone found on the best guitar tracks ever recorded.

You can mix and match POD XT-quality amp and cab models based on Marshall, Fender, Mesa/Boogie, Vox, Roland, Soldano and more,* with controls laid out for a guitarist and not some computer geek. And the sound? The same dead-on classic tones used by hundreds of thousands of Line 6 users every day.

GuitarPort Tracks & Jam Tools
To put your great guitar tone to use, GuitarPort gives you an easy to use audio player that lets you jam along with MP3s, WAV files, or any audio CD in your personal collection. You can rip tracks, scan through the audio, jump to any point, loop sections, and even slow to half speed without changing pitch for careful study of your favorite lick. 

Developing your technique is no longer a monotonous affair with GuitarPort's programmable metronome. In addition to standard click, it also offers a selection of kick, snare, and hi hat samples that let you construct your own drum patterns in phrases up to eight bars long. Using the slider control to set phrase length, you can easily build a practice groove in straight 4/4, or more complex odd-meter patterns, and the tempo dial spins your beats-per-minute setting anywhere from a ridiculously slow 15 BPM to an out-of-this-world prestissimo of 300!

Other useful tools that come standard with GuitarPort include an onboard digital tuner, an intelligent hum reducer for taming the noise from magnetic pickups. 

GuitarPort Online
With GuitarPort you can subscribe to GuitarPort Online (optional) and play along with the latest and greatest tracks, lessons, and licks. A subscription provides unlimited access to hundreds of tracks and lessons covering the greatest guitarists of all time-- from blues legends to metal shredders, jazz virtuosos to country pickers. 


  • 16 amp and cabinet models based on POD XT
  • 19 must-have Stompbox and Studio effects
  • Effects can be routed Pre- or Post- Amp
  • MP3, WAV and Audio CD playback
  • Looping and real-time half-speed without changing pitch
  • 24-bit converters & 32-bit processing
  • Line level and headphone outputs
  • Ideal guitar front end for other recording software
  • Metronome for practicing
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
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