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iSK RF 9 Sound Reflection Filter

iSK RF 9 Sound Reflection Filter
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6.088,00 DIN

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Opis proizvoda:

iSK RF-9 is a stylish portable reflection filter that can be used to isolate a microphone when recording, to reduce room ambiance, reflected sound and external noise. The RF-9 is perfect for home studios and location recordings where a room may not have acoustic treatment. The booth can be mounted on any standard mic stand.

Perfect for Isolation during Group Recordings

The RF-9 will not only minimise reflections, but will also assist with reducing bleed from other sound sources within a room. This is important when doing a group recording of more than one musician in the same room. It helps to focus the mic to the sound source, giving the post production engineer more options when mixing.

Acoustic Foam Layered Walls

Features a complete, single piece of bridge styled foam, layered upon high quality, stylish metal perforated panels. Beneath the bridged foam layer is a flat layer of foam providing additional isolation and a solid attachment to the metal frame.


Perfect solution for group recordings in a studio or on location

Effectively diffuses acoustic waves surrounding the microphone keeping the sound from bouncing back toward the microphone, controlling reflected sound waves that can cause coloration

Bridge shaped sound-absorptive foam to reduce reflections, bleed and maximise diffusion.

5/8" size thread for mic stand mounting

Dimensions:(W) 560mm x (H) 310mm x (D) 170mm

Weight: 1.28Kg

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