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Line 6 Helix Control

Line 6 Helix Control
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The Line 6 Helix Control floor controller gives you ultimate access to the power and tone shaping tools inside your Helix Rack. With a tap of your toe you can edit parameters, recall patches, control MIDI applications, change channels on your amplifier, and so much more. When you're onstage with Helix Control there won't be any part of your performance that isn't safely at your feet. Utilize the full power of the Line 6 Helix Rack with Helix Control.

Changes with the Tap of the Toe

If there's one thing Sweetwater guitarists know, it's that guitarists love stompbox pedals. While menu and software editing can offer great tones and control, we're naturally inclined to want to step on a footswitch and hear the tone we're looking for. Line 6 understands that, which is why Helix Control eschews all of the deep and confusing editing that plagues many other pro-level products, for a simple-to-use 12-footswitch interface that gives you all of the sound and parameter tweaking you'll ever need. And each switch carries a customizable LCD scribble strip for assigning your controls. Now you won't even have to stop playing to get super-deep control and edit your whole rig.

Tour-grade Durability

Since gear takes such a beating on the road, every single component in the Line 6 Helix Control was chosen to be able to stand up to the punishment a professional guitarist will put it through. Helix Control combats the abuse with road-ready footswitches and a bulletproof housing. From the side panels to the extruded top, the solid aluminum construction won't bend or break. It will let you concentrate on your performance, not your gear. So if you're a gigging musician who needs a tour-grade multi-effects controller unit that can keep up with you, make sure to give Helix Control an audition.


Type - Helix floor controller

Number of Footswitch Buttons - 10 plus 2 bank switches

Inputs - 3 x 1/4" (expression pedal), 1 x 1/4" (expression toe switch), 1 x USB Type B

Outputs - 1 x RJ45 (to host)

Height - 6.35 cm

Width – 43.69 cm

Depth – 24.13 cm

Weight – 3.27 kg

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