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Angel Lopez C1448CFI S

Angel Lopez C1448CFI S
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64.958,00 DIN

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The Angel Lopez C1448CFI-S Electro Classical Guitar joins together quality craftsmanship and excellent materials, at a price that’s hard to ignore.


As electro-classicals are hardly in abundance, it can be hard to get a decent instrument without spending over the odds. The Angel Lopez C1448CFIS Electro Classical Guitar bucks this trend. A gorgeous solid spruce top offers up accented bass and trebles and projects well to your audience. This is combined with an uncommon addition for the back & sides of a classical guitar, rosewood, which brings with it richness to the bass and clarity to the treble response. With these would together, you have an instrument that will see you through any performance with ease, and they look pretty darn good together as well, which never hurts.


Bringing things back to more traditional classical guitar wood choices, and making regularly players feel more at home, is a mahogany neck joined to the body of the Angel Lopez C1448CFI S Electro Classical Guitar. Topping this is a rosewood fingerboard, which is matched by a rosewood bridge.


The use of high quality materials continues all the way to the electronics. Rather than rely on an unnamed electronics brand, the Angel Lopez C1448CFI-S Electro Classical Guitar has been outfitted with a Fishman Presys pickup system. Instantly making the guitar more usable for performers, this addition translates the natural tone of the Angel Lopez C1448CFI-S nicely through an amplifier or PA system. Furthermore the Fishman Presys provides a number of low-profile controls, available to you straight from the upper bout of the guitar’s body. These controls include: volume, 3-band EQ (bass, middle, treble), and a phase switch. Plus you also get a handy built-in tuner with its own LED indicator.


Guitar Size Full

Top Material Solid Class A Spruce

Back & Sides Material Rosewood

Neck Material Mahogany

Fingerboard Material Rosewood

Bridge Material Rosewood

Tuners Gold-plated with tortoiseshell buttons

Electronics Fishman Presys 3-band EQ with volume, phase, tuner

Finish Natural High Gloss

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