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LTD XTONE PS 1 SEMI MGO električna gitara

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47.770,00 DIN

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The LTD PS-1 represents a more contemporary take on the ES-335 concept, which may very well appeal to those not feeling the old school vibe of the other guitars in this round-up. While it may seem unfair to pigeonhole LTD (and its parent company ESP) as primarily a 'metal' brand, providing tools for the heavy stuff is what it excels at. With this in mind, the fact that this guitar's slim profile neck comes loaded with 22 frets that are so 'jumbo' they'd give Nellie The Elephant an inferiority complex really gives the game away. LTD has basically produced another rock/metal guitar feindishly disguised with some retro visuals. We're on to you!

In a major departure from the classic ES-335 blueprint, the PS-1 has a bolt-on neck. Purists might well object, but the bolt-on design has some real benefits, most obviously in the neatly contoured heel, which allows great access to the upper frets. In addition, the PS-1's compact body makes it feel like you're playing a solidbody guitar, albiet one that's a bit lighter in weight. 


The PS-1 makes most sense through an amp's filthy channel. It's tight and focused in a way that the other guitars in this round-up just cannot compete with. The big frets make bending strings a breeze, as is pulling false harmonics out of the bottom strings. When switched to a clean sound, the LTD gives a decent account of itself, but it feels a tad out of its comfort zone, especially with the bridge 'bucker running solo. Our advice? Feed the PS-1 some serious gain, that should keep it happy.


  • Set-Neck Construction
  • 24.75" Scale
  • Mahogany Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 42mm Standard Nut
  • Thin U Neck Contour
  • 22 XJ Frets
  • Chrome Hardware
  • ESP Tuners
  • TOM Bridge & Tailpiece
  • ESP LH-150 (B & N)
  • Neck Volume
  • Bridge Volume
  • Neck Tone
  • Bridge Tone
  • 3-Way Toggle


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