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Alesis Pro X Kick

Alesis Pro X Kick
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Rock-solid response and precise control.


With the Alesis Pro X Kick pedal, you get a professional bass drum pedal built for rock-solid performance. Whether you play an acoustic or electronic set, the Pro X Kick is loaded with heavy-duty adjustable components, making it the right choice for every drummer and the perfect addition to any drumset.

Rugged Toughness
The Pro X Kick is ready to take a beating. Its double-chain drive system gives you explosive power and ultra-tight response, and the entire pedal sits on top of a heavy, solid-steel power plate—The Pro X Kick is going to stay put, wherever you put it down. A four-sided beater with easy height adjustment and memory lock, make the Pro X Kick perfect for drummers who want precise attack and ultimate control over their kick drum.

Precision Control
The Pro X Kick comes ready to adapt to any style of drumming. With gearless stroke-length adjustment, an ultra-high tension adjustable spring and a toothless X Cam, the Pro X Kick allows you to dial in the exact feel you want, providing power, smooth precision and speed. 

One of the Pro X Kick's most convenient features is its offset hoop clamp—you'll be able to clamp the Pro X Kick to your bass drum in seconds at every gig, giving you more time to play and less time setting up.


  • Rugged double-chain drive system
  • Toothless X Cam provides smooth precision
  • Gearless stroke length adjustment for optimal feel
  • Solid metal power plate stabilizes pedal
  • Offset hoop clamp makes setup quick and easy
  • X Hinge ensures perfect stroke path and long life
  • Ultra-high tension spring for power and speed
  • X Beater is reversible with hard plastic and traditional felt sides



  • Pro X Kick Pedal
  • X Beater with Square Memory Lock
  • Drum Key
  • Allen Wrench
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
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