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Bugera BC15

Bugera BC15
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15.660,00 DIN

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The BUGERA BC15 delivers real tube tone in a compact, 12-pound (5.6 kg) combo. This dual-channel 15-Watt guitar amp features a 12AX7 tube in its preamp stage, a Master volume and 2-band EQ, giving it a wide range of tonal options. The Gain button is provided to activate the Lead/Distortion channel. Ideal for use in rehearsals or gigs, the BC15 sports a custom-designed 8" BUGERA speaker. 

Ideal for use in rehearsals, recording or small gigs, the BC15 sports a custom-designed 8" BUGERA speaker. A ¼" TRS jack is provided for connecting an external playback device such as a CD player, tape deck or MP3 player, allowing the user to play along with pre-recorded songs. The BC15 also features a headphone jack for private practice sessions. 


Extremely versatile guitar amplifier with hand-selected 12AX7 tube

Authentic vintage design and classic guitar sound

Powerful 30-Watt, 8" vintage-tuned guitar speaker

2-channel tube preamp and wide-range gain control for super-fat sounds with all pickup types

Dedicated 2-band EQ plus mid-shift button for creative sound shaping

CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music

Dedicated master level control and powerful headphone output

High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

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