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Gibson LP 60's Tribute Gold top dark back Vintage Gloss * električna gitara

Gibson LP 60's Tribute Gold top dark back Vintage Gloss *
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The Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute pays homage to a great era of innovative guitar playing and design. The '60s Tribute adopts the Slim Profile neck design that emerged in the latter half of that decade, and comes with two BurstBucker pickups that lend it a distinctive voice all its own. 

A Tribute to a Classic Re-Design

The Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute honors the innovations in design that Gibson pioneered to bring musicians a lighter and faster-playing instrument. The mahogany neck has the much-acclaimed Slim Profile design measuring .800" at the 1st fret and .875" at the 12th. It has 22 jumbo frets set in a rosewood fingerboard completed with handsome trapezoid inlays. The classic Tune-o-Matic bridge and Stopbar tailpiece are matched with a set of genuine Grover kidney button tuners, ensuring consistent tuning stability and the sustain that made these guitars such a craze in the first place.

BurstBucker: A Rare Pickup, Faithfully Reproduced

The distinguishing feature in the Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute is the pair of complementary BurstBucker 1 and BurstBucker 2 pickups, found in the neck and bridge positions respectively. 

The inspiration for these pickups derived from a few particular specimens discovered in 60s-era instruments owned by Japanese collectors. It was discovered that these pickups varied in their output and tone due to inconsistencies from the hand-driven bobbin winding machines used by Gibson after the late 1950s. This led to the creation of a few pickups that had an uneven number of coil windings between each of the two coils in the humbucker pickup. According to the collectors who found these tones so appealing, the sound of the pickups themselves have more edge and bite than the normal PAF-style pickup that most Gibson players are familiar with. When you plug it in and play, you'll notice how the tone has more bite and character than the super-smooth Gibson '57 Classics that appear in numerous other Les Pauls. The vintage tone is assured with unpolished Alnico II magnet and un-waxed potting on both coils.

The BurstBucker pickups have only been available in the USA since 2000, and continue to delight Les Paul players looking for a fresh and unique sound that still can channel vintage tone when needed. 


- Body: Mahogany /'Traditional' weight relief
- Top: Maple
- Neck: Mahogany, 60's Slim Profile
- Fingerboard: Rosewood, Trapezoid Inlays
- Hardware: Chrome Tune-o-Matic, Grover Kidney Tuners
- Electronics: BB1/ BB2 Chrome covers
- Plastics: Black, Speed knobs
- Special Notes: '2013 Model' on back of headstock, '60's Tribute Truss Rod Cover
- Case: Premium Gig Bag


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