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Gibson LP Supreme 2014 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Perimeter Shaded Back električna gitara

Gibson LP Supreme 2014 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Perimeter Shaded Back
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635.033,00 DIN

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In 1958, the Les Paul went from a simple gold-finished, painted top to a cherry sunburst finish over a carved maple two-piece top. The majority of the tops were actually pretty plain, while others - the ones collectors now pay astronomically high prices for - could be found with beautifully figured, two-piece flamed maple tops. Actually, it was the carved top that set the Les Paul apart from the competition. That continued through the instrument's long and storied history. Now the Les Paul Supreme takes it to the extreme with a carved AAAA maple top and AAA back over a classic mahogany body. The appointments combine both new and vintage flavors for a guitar that can play in any style from country to metal - and anything in between.

1950s style rounded mahogany neck with bound ebony fretboard

The first Les Pauls had huge necks, but by 1960 the neck underwent several modifications until it became what's known as the slim-taper design - which clearly is for wimps, right? If you're going to play a Les Paul, you want something you can really grab onto. The Supreme's neck carve isn't quite as chunky as some of the originals, but it's fatter - and considerably more satisfying - than the '60s slim-taper design. Of course, the neck is mahogany, so it's absolutely rock solid, and the ebony fingerboard is bound for an exceptionally smooth feel. But it still has that warm, classic Les Paul feel, allowing easy access to the upper frets so you can really dig into your solos!

Two vintage-voiced humbuckers for epic tone For 2014, Gibson equips the Les Paul Supreme with a Johnny Smith floating humbucker at the neck. Sonically described as somewhere between a Firebird and a mini-humbucker, this pickup gives you incredible clarity and definition with an acoustic-like vibe. Combined with the 490T humbucker's midrange bite, you've got a wide range of tone for practically any style.


Top AAAA Grade Maple w/F Holes
Back AAA Grade Mahogany/Maple
Binding Top has 7 Ply (W/B/W/B/W/B/W) 
Back has 3 Ply (W/B/W)
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Species Mahogany
Profile ’50s Rounded
Truss Rod Standard
Joint Angle 5° (+/- 15 seconds)
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Neck Fit
Joint Mortise & Tenon
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Joint Angle Tolerance +/- .005"
Neck Fit
Species Government Returned Ebony
Frets Cryogenically Frozen, 22
Radius 12"
Nut/E.O.B 1.695/2.260
Binding White
Inlays Mother of Pearl Crown with 120th Banner
Material TekToid
Width 1.695
Slots Gibson PLEK System
Silkscreen Mother of Pearl "Gibson" & "Supreme"
Truss Rod Cover Gold engraved "Les Paul"

Model Locking Grover™ Keystone
Plating Gold
Tuning Ratio 18:1

Type Tone Pro Locking Tune-O-Matic
Plating Gold
Type Tone Pro Locking Stop Bar
Plating Gold
Knobs Gold Speed Knobs
Trim Rings White
Strings .009 - .046, Genuine Gibson strings
Strap Buttons Brass
Neck Position Floating Humbucker
(Alinco V)
Bridge Position 492T (Alnico #2)
Potentiometers 2 Volume Controls
2 Tone Controls
Type 500K Linear Taper / Volume
500K Audio Taper / Tone
Toggle Switch Three-way Toggle with White Plastic Tip
Output Jack 1/4" mono
 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Rootbeer Caribbean Blue Seafoam Green
Sealer Nitrocellulose
Process 1-1.5 mils
Type Gibson Hardshell
Exterior Historic Brown w/Gibson Logo
Additional Materials Each Les Paul Supreme comes with a Truss Rod Wrench, adjustment literature, and documentation for the guitar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, along with Gibson’s 24/7/365 Customer Service.


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