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SM PRO Audio Mini Mic Thing

SM PRO Audio Mini Mic Thing
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6.844,00 DIN
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Introducing the Mini MIC THING acoustic absorption and isolation panel---designed for recording musicians looking for a portable acoustic solution that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Contending with troublesome acoustic environments can certainly be a challenge. The Mini MIC THING provides both an efficient and portable solution to help bring unwanted room acoustic artifacts under control. The Mini MIC THING effectively creates a small treated acoustic space around your microphone that minimizes problematic sonic artifacts, such as excessive room reflections, without the expense of having to create or use a professionally-tuned recording facility.

The Mini MIC THING can be attached to a mic stand or used free-standing. With its unique flexi-angle stand system, the Mini MIC THING can be adjusted to fit every application with ease. It is also perfectly at home when used free-standing on a desktop. It even fits in a suitcase for travellers looking to create a recording space on the road!

Manufactured using an extremely durable ABS plastic compound and high-density acoustic foam, the virtually indestructible Mini MIC THING will provide you with years of acoustic support both in the studio and on the road.



Small and light yet extremely effective

High-density fire-resistant foam

Flexi Angle system

Durable ABS frame

Suitable for attachment to any microphone stand

Flexible enough to fit into your suitcase

Microphone stand adaptor included

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