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Kurzweil KS40A

Kurzweil KS40A
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  • Kurzweil KS40A
  • Kurzweil KS40A
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11.020,00 DIN

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Kurzweil is pleased to present a new line of affordable, compact self-powered monitor speakers. The first model to be introduced, the KS-40A system, is a solid value, competing favorably with other monitors in and above its price range.

The most accurate sound comes from the right combination of ingredients. Housed in a heavy, thick-walled, non-resonant wood cabinet, the KS-40A's sport a magnetically shielded, two-way, bass reflex design and a compact footprint.

Featuring a premium 3/4" dome tweeter and wide-range 4" woofer, 20Wrms system amplification and separate volume and bass adjustments, the KS-40A's are an ideal monitoring solution for the personal project studio or keyboard setup.

High frequencies are crisp and clear, low frequencies are balanced and warm, imparting a transparent sound to the KS-40A's with equal amounts of presence and clarity. For musicians who are on a budget but are unwilling to compromise when it comes to sound quality, the KS-40A's are the perfect compliment to their other affordable, high quality product lines like the SP and PC3LE series.


 • Cabinet: 100% wood cabinet using 12mm non-resonant MDF

• HF Driver: 3/4 inch (19mm) dome type, magnetically shielded

• LF Driver: 4 inch (106mm) diameter, magnetically shielded

• Bass Reflex Port: rear panel

• Power Output: 10Wrms x2 (at 1KHz, 10% THD)

• Controls: 1x Volume, 1x Sub Bass

• Input Ports: 2 pairs of stereo RCA jacks, internally mixed (Line A inputs feature treble boost of 9dB at 10KHz; Line B inputs are flat)

• Input Impedance: 20K Ohms

• Height: (9-1/16") (23.00 cm)

• Width: (5-7/8") (14.80 cm)

• Depth: (7-1/16") (18.00 cm)

• Weight: (11.00 lb.) (5 kg), both cabinets

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