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Presonus FaderPort

Presonus FaderPort
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  • Presonus FaderPort
  • Presonus FaderPort
  • Presonus FaderPort
  • Presonus FaderPort
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Touch Your Music

As great as DAWs are, it’s a drag to control the transport and create fades and automation with a mouse. Most musicians prefer a real fader and transport controls that they can touch. That’s why we created the FaderPort, which connects to your computer via USB and delivers complete transport controls for fast and efficient recording, along with a high-quality, touch-sensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation.

Feel is crucial when you’re spending countless hours recording and mixing. So the ultra-affordable FaderPort features the same high-quality, touch-sensitive, long-throw, motorized Alps fader that is found in expensive control surfaces and digital mixing consoles. With its 1,024-step resolution and dual-servo drive-belt motor, the response will be smooth and seamless.

Compatible with virtually all major DAW programs, the FaderPort enables you to record perfect fades and write single-channel or grouped-channel volume, mute, and pan automation in real-time. Control your DAW’s solo, record-enable, window selection, play, stop, and record functions. Manage markers and punch in and out with a footswitch (not included). The FaderPort makes it fast and easy. You can even create your own custom key mappings. And if you use PreSonus’ Studio One DAW software, your FaderPort will be automatically recognized and can be used to tweak virtually any plug-in parameter.

So put down that mouse and get back in touch with your music. Get the PreSonus FaderPort.


  • Write single-channel or grouped-channel volume, mute, and pan automation
  • Touch sensitive, 100 mm long-throw, motorized Alps fader
    • 1,024 steps of resolution
  • Complete recording-transport controls:
    • Punch, User, Loop, Previous Next, Mark
    • Start, End, Rewind, Fast Fwd, Stop, Play, Record
  • General controls:
    • Record Enable, Pan, Mute, Solo
  • Channel Select controls:
    • Bank, Output (Master Fader), Increment, Decrement
  • Window-view selection:
    • Mix, Project, Transport
    • Undo/Redo
  • Fader-mode selection:
    • Read, Write, Touch, Off
  • 5 User-defined key mappings
  • Hands-free punch in/out using footswitch (not included)
  • Input/Output
    • 1 USB 1.1 port
    • 1 Footswitch jack for hands-free punch in/out
  • Physical
  • Dual-servo drive-belt motor design for fast and smooth fader operation
  • Rugged metal top plate and military-grade buttons
  • External 9 VAC power supply
  • Software
    • Compatible with all major recording software for Mac OS and Windows, including Studio One™, Pro Tools™, Logic®, Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar™, Digital Performer™, and more. (Native mode or HUI emulation.)
    • Tight integration with PreSonus Studio One software
Computer system requirements:
  • Windows XP (32/64-bit)/Vista/7 or Mac OS X (including Snow Leopard) operating system
  • one available USB port

Controls: PAN, MUTE, SOLO, REC, channel selection with BANK, OUTPUT (master fader), READ, WRITE, TOUCH, OFF (fader mode), Window View (MIX, PROJ {edit}, TRNS (transport), UNDO, START, END, PUNCH IN, USER, LOOP, REWIND, FAST FORWARD, STOP, PLAY RECORD. (functionality varies slightly between DAW software applications)

  • Alps touch-sensative motorized model used in professional control surfaces including DigiDesign's D-Command
  • Dual servo motorized drive beilt system for fast and quiet operation
  • Ultra smooth feel and lightning fast
  • Heavy-duty long life construction
  • Extreme touch-sensitivity
  • 100mm long throw for writing perfect fades
  • Resolution 10-bit, 1024 steps

Power: operational via USB bus, motorized fader powered via 9V 1.2A DC external power supply (factory configured).

Included Items: FaderPort, USB cable, power supply, rubber feet

Size: Approx. 7" x 5.25" x 1.75" (18cm x 13cm x 4cm)

Weight: Approx. 1 lb.

Software Compatibility:

    The FaderPort has been tested and approved to work with the following software:
    Native Mode:
  • Studio One
  • Nuendo 3 and later
  • Cubase SX3 and later
  • Digital Performer 4 and later
  • Logic Express/Pro 7 and later
  • Samplitude 10
  • Sequoia 10
  • Sonar 6 and later
  • HUI Emulation:
  • Cubase LE, SE, and SL 3 and earlier (with limitations)
  • Nuendo 2 and earlier (with limitations)
  • Pro Tools  6 and later
  • Pro Tools M-Powered  6 and later
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