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RASPRODAJA - premium klasa gitare YAMAHA SG1802 Gold Top električna gitara

RASPRODAJA - premium klasa gitare YAMAHA SG1802 Gold Top
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233.686,00 DIN
335.708,00 DIN

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Classic SG look, stocked out with a pair of Seymour Duncan P90's - check out the new old school...

Launched in 1974 the Yamaha SG was the guitar that proved that Japanese guitars should be taken seriously. With the classic SG2000 developed in association with Carlos Santana, the SG has long been a players favourite thanks to a combination of incredible sound, outstanding playability and individual styling.
Using direct feedback from Yamaha’s London, LA and Tokyo Artist Relations offices, the SG1802 has been specced with custom-shop parts that artists want and need and finished with new simpler cosmetics that players have been asking for.
All featuring Japanese handmade set-neck construction, African Mahogany body and neck and maple top, the SG1802 features totally updated no-compromise specifications to finally make the stadium-ready guitars that Yamaha have been producing for artists available to the public.



Included Accessories Hard Case YES


Bridge Tonepros AVRII / Tonepros T1Z
Finger Board Rosewood
Neck Mahogany


Type Curved Maple, Mahogany

Design/Architecture Detail

Pick Up System Front S.Duncan SP90 (Cream), Rear S. Duncan SP90 (Cream)
Peg Name Glover Locking Tuner

Control Interface

String Strings Scale 24 3/4" (628.6mm)


Admirala Geprata 10
+381 11 7617 400; 10-18h

Novi Sad

Sutjeska 2, SPC SPENS
+381 21 450 800; 10-20h


Obrenovićeva BB, TC Kalča
+381 18 250 670; 10-18h


Admirala Geprata 10, Beograd
+381 11 7617 500; 08-16h