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RASPRODAJA - gitarska pojačala MARKBASS LMK

RASPRODAJA - gitarska pojačala MARKBASS LMK
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78.000,00 DIN
130.000,00 DIN

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Two setups in one head.

The LMK is the only 2-channel bass amp head made by Markbass. The LMK bass amp is designed for maximum flexibility with a unique design that allows you to set up different tone, filter, and volume setting for two separate basses (electric and acoustic). You can also use the Markbass LMK to combine two different sound sources from one instrument, or use the amp to magnify your bass along with an auxiliary input such as a drum machine or sequencer with complete control of each input. Each input has a 4-band EQ, Markbass' VPF (Vintage Pre-shape Filter) and level control - with the master adding a (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) filters and over Master volume knob.

On the LMK bass amp's rear panel you'll find a Neutrik Speakon combo jack output that accepts both Speakon or 1/4" speaker cable as well as a second 1/4" speaker out jack. You'll also find a balanced XLR out, unbalanced tuner out so you can tune as you play without passing your signal through pedals, and a Send and Return Effect loop which saves you from losing your signal if one of your pedals dies or a cable in the chain gives out.


  • Solid state preamp analog bass head
  • Provides 300W RMS at 8 ohms, 500W RMS at 4 ohms
  • 1/4" input jack works with active or passive basses
  • Gain and Master volume controls
  • Clip warning light
  • EQs for both channels include controls for Low, Mid Frequency Low, High Frequency Low, and High
  • and VPF (Vintage Pre-shape Filter) filters
  • Master adds VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) filter
  • Neutrik Speakon Combo out jacks for use with 1/4" or Speakon speaker cables
  • Balanced XLR out
  • Ch1/CH2 switch
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate hum
  • Tuner out sends unbalanced signal sent to a tuner, amp or recording equipment not needing a balanced signal
  • Send and Return Effect ensures main signal continues even if something dies in your effects chain
  • Dual-sided fiberglass PC boards with lined perforations for high-quality solder connections
  • Surface-mount components are silicon-sealed to isolate vibrations
  • Computer-grade pre-assembled ribbon connector cable harnesses and ribbons for noise-free operation
  • Integrated threaded posts for easy assembly/disassembly and added durability
  • Rigid 2mm thick aluminium chassis for a long-lasting finish
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